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what we have to offer:

Pizzas, Subs,     Sandwiches, and Sides

see our menus to browse our tasty selection of pizzas, subs, sandwiches, and sides!  


We offer custom-cut lunch meats and cheeses, chicken and ham salads, macaroni salad, fresh bacon, and some produce.  Call us before your next family gathering to order your meat and cheese trays!

Groceries and Goodies

In need of a gallon of milk?  Ran out of flour while making a batch of cookies?  Have a sweet tooth, but, don't have the time or energy to make a sweet treat?  We carry many common necessities along with tasty sweet and salty treats!


Gas and Go

The pumps may look outdated, but, we will teach you how to use them!  Gas prices are comparable to major stations, and, can save you when in a pinch!  We also carry a variety of engine oils, antifreeze, and windshieldwasher fluid.


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5834 State Route 55

Urbana, Ohio 43078

(937) 788-2515

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